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Ett humanitärt systems utomordentliga kraft

Salve kära följare och läsare!                                                                                                  Här får ni något att fundera över.

Se, observera och resonera! Vad är det som skiljer Kuba från andra länder? Varför kan det inte vara på samma sätt överallt? Svaret finns i filmen och skapas i samband med en unik och solidarisk historia.


A global pandemic in a globalised world. Over one million people have died. What could we have done differently to save lives and livelihoods? In search of collective solutions and best practice, Dr Helen Yaffe and Dr Valia Rodriguez look to Cuba for valuable lessons. By reacting decisively, mobilising their extensive public healthcare system and state-owned biotech sector, Cuba has kept contagion and fatalities down and begun over a dozen clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. They have also treated Covid-19 patients and saved lives overseas. Within seven months of the pandemic, Cuba had sent nearly 4,000 medical specialists to 39 countries. This has been achieved despite the Trump administration severely tightening sanctions against Cuba, blocking revenues and generating scarcities of oil, food and medical goods. Cuba & Covid-19: Public Health, Science and Solidarity is produced by DaniFilms in collaboration with Belly of the Beast Cuba. English subtitles embedded, select subtitles/CC for Spanish subtitles. If you would like to donate to buy material aid for Cuba’s healthcare system, please do so here: https://cubanos.org.uk/support-for-cuba
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